Your Sales Journey Starts Here!

Every journey has a beginning and this one is no different. Whether you're looking to develop your own sales abilities or visiting us to learn about developing your team, we recommend starting with a sales-focused, personality assessment which shines a spotlight on your behavioral tendencies as a sales professional.

For example:

Are you people oriented or task oriented?

Do others energize you or drain you?

Are you an active seller or a passive one?

Are you the life of the party or prefer an intimate conversation?

Once we understand your behavioral tendencies, we can identify where you will have the most success. 

We then work together to help you identify your clients' behavioral styles and equip you to sell to them in the manner that best matches their buying style.

This exercise has been proven to help sales professionals and their clients develop a strong bond and work cohesively to achieve their goals. 

Please take a look at our "Sales Toolbox" below and contact Eric for a free consultation.  

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Solutions to Help You Sell

Even if you're already crushing your numbers!

Understand Your Clients

Success Begins with DISC

If you understand how your clients like to buy, you'll have greater success at selling them your products and services.
It's that simple!
Understanding DISC helps salespeople build stronger relationships with their clients while learning to speak their language which makes closing deals more natural and frequent. 

Applications of DISC include:

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Corporate Sales Training

Let Us Help You Grow Your Sales

Even if you're already crushing all your sales goals!

Because everyone's needs and sales teams are different, we customize our training sessions to meet your specific, organizational goals. 

We specialize in improving the following areas so that you can immediately see results for your organization :

  • Mindset for Success
  • Vision and Clarity
  • Setting Goals
  • The Buyer's Journey
  • Networking
  • Advancing the sale
  • Post Sales Success
  • Becoming a Magnet for New Business

You deserve to have a sales team that can help your clients, deliver results, drive revenue, and grow your company. Isn't that what being in business is all about?

Don't wait another day, contact us today and let's take your business to the next level. 


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Executive Sales Coaching

Executive Sales Coaching

It's not possible to see the picture when you're inside the frame.

As your Executive Coach, I help you:

  • Remove your blind spots
  • Get crystal clear on your goals
  • Co-author a way to get to your desired destination 

While working with us, you will instantly see results, improve your influence ability, and grow into the leader your people will follow. 

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Online Sales Training

Get ready to close more sales from the comfort of your computer or mobile device...

The B2B Sales Secrets Academy is all you need to increase your sales numbers. We equip sales professionals with everything they need to succeed.

After our online, B2B Sales Secrets Academy training, your sales team will be ready to take on the world!

We teach them how to: 

  • Prepare for a successful week
  • Get noticed by their ideal customers
  • Become a magnet for new business
  • Ask questions that are guaranteed to move the sale along
  • Close like a trusted advisor
  • Build a long lasting relationship

We're excited to have you enroll in our online training and join our community.


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"Eric is absolutely an AMAZING Sales Trainer. Eric worked closely with my team for weeks to increase our sales performance and he succeeded with flying colors. Not only did our team drive in more revenue overall and individually but also our team became closer in working together better. Eric is truly amazing at what he does and I am a fan of his for life!"

Greg Letow
Founder & CEO at SearchBiz Athletes

"Eric took a team that was underperforming and made it into one of the top teams at Capital. His dedication to developing reps was unwavering and I consider myself extremely lucky to have learned from him."

Matt Cooper
Director of Sales, Eastern USA at Sciton

"Our company University Recruiters had the pleasure of having Eric come to our office to provide sales and leadership training, and I was incredibly impressed by Eric's ability to teach. He is a truly gifted leader, our training went above and beyond and ended up covering all facets of life along with our professional careers. Eric has an awesome outlook on just about everything, which made all of us look forward to spending time with him. He helped improve our office atmosphere and team dynamics, and I personally saw a marked increase in my own performance after working with him. I would strongly recommend Eric and his program to any individual or business looking to find ways to improve. Looking forward to having Eric back to our office in the near future."

Kyle Maynor
Energy Estimator at Chesapeake Lighting